What’s Honey got to do with Bunnies?

It’s okay to be raped, you know! It’s a time worn technique to maintain your shape, position, sex organs in Bharat. Also, Honey Singh is a saint. Please leave him alone. There is nothing wrong in saying that ‘ aaja teri choot maaru, tere sir se chootne ka bhoot utaaro’ (Come let me beat your vagina so that you are no longer a slave to your sexual desires, ibid).

Asking women to become ‘Mitra di (W)hore’ (Whore for a group of friends) or cautioning men to pick up every piece because nothing fresh is going to be anymore available, nothing first-hand is going to be ever available ‘chako-chako chako, kuj fresh nahiyon milna; chako chako chhako first hand nahiyon milna’ is definitely not an allusion to women’s virginity or lackthereof.

It’s okay if an International Villager is making you question your ideas of censorship because his lyrics aren’t even porno-graphical or questioning the accepted in society. They are reinforcing them and belting them out to foot-tapping music by a great revolutionary man whose training happened at Trinity College, London. What’s wrong about that?

You mad female chauvinists forget that param(parapara!!) poojya Mohan jee and Mukherjee jee and aadar sammaan yogya shri shri Honey Singh jee are absolutely the forerunners of Society of tomorrow and showing us the future through a Bio(scope) logically correct perspective.

You wanna talk to them. Talk through your Choot. That’s the way to do it.

And please. Stop obsessing about your rights and rape of a stupid dead girl. You have nothing to do except sit on penises (smaller and less effective than that of the respected Honey’Choot’ Singh Jee’s) and forget about it, because you are a silly silly woman or a gay man. Or worse a man who doesn’t like his woman to be a particular way. Or may be you are out their protesting hoping to pinch some amazing bottoms or may be want to hook up with someone over Protests and Activism.

Also, dear People in the other Countries, who haven’t even come down to India and are reporting and analyzing it as usual, please try stripping off a saree while presenting News, it’s tough that’s why we have Mr Goswami and other males doing After Dinner Debates.

We also don’t want you to forget that Honey Singh studied ‘abroad’ and you had your hand up his ass too once. Let’s not forget that far more rapes go unreported in the world than in Bharat Mata alone.

Also, We heart your Ideas of India but right now is not the time to talk about the snake charmer because he’s probably shutting his wife and daughter somewhere ‘safe’. And the Babas are busy setting the queer straight with Yoga and the music directors of Bollywood working to incorporate more innuendo in a song than an egg has space for sperms. And we like to do things in the privacy of our Buses.

Thank You. That’s all for now.

Swayam Sevika Sundhori


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